The Phibbs House

8603 W 68th Place, Pan-O-Rama Ridge, Arvada


Sold for $865,000
MLS 7349722

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Original Drawings

The seller has retained a photocopy of the original set of drawings for the house by H. Albert Phibbs. The drawings include the original floor plans, elevations, and many design details showing how the house was constructed, and many of the original features the house had prior to its renovations and updates. Not only are these drawings a treasure for anyone who values their home’s history, but they are a great reference for that future homeowner who might be interested in bringing back some of the house’s original features.

Perspective of the Phibbs House in Arvada, Colorado, looking northeast. Drawing by the house’s Designer H. Albert Phibbs as the first sheet of the original drawing set. This scan is from a poor photocopy of the original set, causing the horizontal banding.