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Krisana Park/Lynwood

This pair of neighborhoods in the Virginia Village area of southeast Denver were both built by local developer H.B. Wolff in the 1950s. These neighborhoods have seen a great revival in recent years as people have discovered the charm and variety of these houses, which encompass indoor/outdoor living, walls of glass, exposed beams and tongue & groove roof decks; there’s even an A-frame model!

  • Krisana Park can be found at Dahlia & Florida
  • Lynwood is at Holly & Jewell

Arapaho Hills

“Arapaho Hills is a residential subdivision in Littleton, Colorado listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places. This community of 56 unique, modern homes was constructed between 1955 to 1964. Concepted by Edward Hawkins and Clyde Mannon, Arapaho Hills reflects the Usonian and International design styles in post-World War II architecture and their influence on the development of new forms of suburban residential subdivisions. The feeling evoked by the neighborhood is that of a mid-20th century suburban enclave of residences, an expression of Modern architectural forms in a suburban residential setting.” 
(taken from http://www.arapahohills.org/ 12/15/15)