Green Mountain Estates

Nestled on the eastern flank of Green Mountain on the west side of Lakewood, Green Mountain Estates is a mixed-style neighborhood that features a little over 100 custom and semi‑custom early ’60s through mid ’70s modern homes scattered throughout the greater neighborhood.

The house photographed above is the unique “Butterfly House” designed by architect Lory Ice. It was one of 13 houses featured in the 1962 Parade of Homes, the first Denver Parade of Homes to take place on a single street. Because the entire neighborhood is built on a high dramatic slope, several lots have some of the best views overlooking Denver, and many of the homes are designed to make the most of these magnificent panoramas. You might notice that as streets follow the contours of the mountain, ranch homes with walk-out basements line the downhill side of the street, while the uphill side of the street will have bi-level style homes that put the living area higher and better able to take advantage of views across the street, often featuring large walls of glass and high vaulted ceilings.

Over 10 builders were active in the neighborhood during its construction, building both custom and semi-custom homes. Among them, you can find great examples of modern design, including A-Frames, low slope roofs, clerestory windows, walls of glass, and large custom homes, including one by famed Boulder architect Charles Haertling.

  • Navigate to the intersection of Mississippi and Cole in Lakewood to start your exploration of Green Mountain Estates, working your way up the mountain as you go! Few roads connect to each other higher up, so bring a friend with a map app to help you find your way around the neighborhood, and enjoy!

  • 1962 Parade of Homes were located at some of the following addresses:

    • 906 S Cole Drive

    • 907 S Cole Drive

    • 916 S Cole Drive

    • 917 S Cole Drive

    • 936 S Cole Drive

    • 937 S Cole Drive

    • 966 S Cole Drive

    • 967 S Cole Drive

A modern ranch in Lakewood’s Green Mountain Estates, built by Asbury Homes
A pair of bi-level homes, common in Green Mountain Estates with downtown Denver visible beyond
An A-frame style home in Green Mountain Estates, built by Asbury Homes
An Asian-inspired modern ranch in Green Mountain Estates
Dramatic view of downtown Denver from one of the upper roads of Green Mountain Estates

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