Located on the north slope of South Table Mountain, Applewood Mesa Ranchettes and the adjacent Echo Hills Ranchettes are a neighborhood of homes that cling to the side of a steep slope, descending into Clear Creek Valley as “ranchettes” north of the mesa. There are many custom mid-century modern homes in the neighborhood, predominantly on the hillside, taking advantage of nonstop views with walls of glass, large patios, and open plans. In the valley, there are meany mid-century modern ramblers on spacious semi-rural lots.

One of the builders involved in the project, Bud Kentz, working with Lakewood architect Joseph E. Krabacher utilized a construction technique of placing elevated platforms on the steep slopes using concrete and steel to construct modern homes on lots that most builders would think unusable. This created a group of homes that is at once unusual and breathtaking. Kentz is also responsible for the development of nearby Rangeview Acres and other platform built custom homes around the Front Range.

  • Navigate to Foothill & Heather and when you get there, you will already be deep into the upper roads of the neighborhood. Then venture down in into the valley and check out the “ranchettes!”

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