Now that living in boxes is cool . . .

Choose to live in something better than cool.

Many of us work in tall boxes, shop in big boxes, and ship things in cardboard boxes. Do we really want to live in boxes too? What is it about the box that is so appealing today? Is it because boxes are so modern and clean? Well, really . . .


A boxy house is not necessarily a modern house.


There are some exceptions to this simple equation, but if boxiness were enough, your local strip mall would probably be held up as a great modern work! There is something more to the classic modern architecture that can be found in thousands of mid-century modern houses around Denver; something better . . .

Human-based ideas.


The boxes popping up all over Denver today are designed around dollars, square footage, marketing appeal, and somewhere down the line, the people who will live there. In contrast, the best mid-century modern homes start with the people who live there. Going beyond simply providing shelter or looking good from the street, the best modern houses have transparency, lightness of structure, honesty in materials, low massing, and a neutral style, all serving the purpose of fading into the background and staying out of the way while you, your family, friends, and guests enjoy life at your home; and at the same time, enhancing your relationship with natural light, fresh air, the weather, and the seasons. Quality over quantity.


By specializing in mid-century modern real estate, I offer something better to those are able to see the ideas inherent in original modern designs and appreciate the difference it makes in the quality of living there.

Call me when you’re ready to buy or sell a mid-century modern home. I am not following a trend; rather, I am all-in . . . bringing my passion for mid-century modern architecture in order to spread and grow appreciation for the timeless ideas embedded in MCM homes.