Story Behind the Close [D & L]

D & L

My client, D and L (names are private at clients request) reached out to me after watching my social media. They knew they wanted a Mid Century Modern Home, and after looking around, knew I was the only agent to help them find it! We met for coffee a few weeks later, and had a wonderful conversation! I prepped them on what this crazy market in Denver looks like, and in the Price range they were buying. About how the process works for buying a home, and connected them up with some lenders to get the ball rolling! Later that evening I also set them up on an REColorado Search. I set in the geographical parameters of where they were looking, and the price range. Then curated the listings that came up to see if they were MCM homes or not. And if they were- I got them to D and L right away! These clients-like many that I have worked with-were on the fence between a “finished” and a “project” house. Always a tough decision, I know!! 

After sending them a few listings, one came across they had been eyeing for a while. It had gone Under Contract right when they started looking, and were bummed that they had missed it. One of the big draws to MCM were the Cliff May Homes. And this listing was a Cliff May. I got a text they needed to see it ASAP- which the next text was, we also need to put an offer in- it was perfect. We saw it, and just as they predicted, it was their EXACT style and the perfect house! Luckily I know the owner/investor that had done work on the home so it helped in making sure we got it before the next person walked in to do the same!

The process went super smooth through all the potentially contentions issues and we sailed right to closing after 30 days!

D and L spent the first night on an air mattress, on the floor, just as they had done in their first rental. To which I told them that my partner and I had that same ritual in any home we purchased to live in!

Enjoy your home D and L! It is a truly great one and even better community you are now part of!