Story Behind the Close: 2596 S Meade Street and Deza Estates

Cole and Danielle, who are old neighbors of mine, and have since remained friends worked extremely hard on their Cliff May home in Harvey Park. They had lived in a Cliff May rental for a while and just fell in love with them. When one came up for sale a few doors down from where they were renting, they approached the seller directly and struck up a deal with them to purchase the home. They were so excited they were about to own their Own Cliff May home, and started planning out what they would be doing with it! This Cliff May was slightly different. The courtyard was closed in with an addition- but the addition was done in the way of the Cliff May’s; post and beam. As well as the ceiling was Tongue and Groove! It added a lot of SF to the homes which typically ran smaller by the McMansions standards.

After they finished all the work on their home, they were selected to be the feature of a story in an issue of Modern in Denver Magazine. It was so wonderful to have them showcase their work in such a great format! It was also great to help keep the Cliff Mays on the Map.

After they had finished, they let me know that if I ever had a property come up, that was just stunning, they would be interested in looking into it. Well, with the reputation I built as a MCM specialist, I had a listing agent reach out to me that they had a stunning MCM home in Northglenn’s Deza Estates they would be listing and wanted to see if I had any buyers before it went to market. I took a few clients through it that were interested, but they didn’t quite fit it. Then I remembered Cole and Danielle. And thought that they would be perfect for the home! I took them up for a showing, and it was love at first sight. We chatted about what we would do with their home, and how to make this one happen.

I was able to get a buyer lined up to purchase their home, and everything started moving right along to get them into their new home, and new project. Which I forgot to mention. This wasn’t just any home. This was another home that they were going to freshen up and bring it back to the era it was built in.

Everything closed smoothly and they are now in their home. Diligently working away cleaning it out, removing old materials, and getting ready to put the touches from much research into the era, and make another masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what they do with this home! Follow their progress here.

Congratulations again Cole and Danielle! This one will be stunning when you bring it back to life like you did the Cliff May!

Did you miss out on getting one of the most spectacular Cliff May homes? Did you not even Hear out it hitting the market? That is because it sold off market; and only my clients had first access to it! Don’t miss out on another mid-mod listing again, and make sure you are working with the MCM expert, Adrian Kinney

Photos of 2596 S Meade Street below by architectural photographer, Daniel O’Connor.